sábado, abril 11

Education as a tool for our daily life

I could spend a lot of time talking about the importance of education in a country emphasizing the necessity of investments in the education system to build a great team of teachers to give the best education to our children, or I could spare a bunch of time discussing the importance of education in our career because if you have a good qualification, you can get a great position in your job, so you can increase the number on your paid check.

However, what I really want to focus on is education in our daily life. I believe knowledge saves time, saves money, saves life. When I was 15, my friends used to repeat that common question: “ Why am I suppose to learn this if I will never use this?”. It was obviously frequently said in the math class, but I always disagreed with them because I believe when you learn something deeply, and I say if you really understand what you learn, so new conexions among neurons are created in your brain, and this is the essence of learning.

Consequently, after an understanding, you have a brain with a processing power better than before because you can use these new conexions to solve or to comprehend new kinds of problems. It is wrong if you think that the understanding of a specific math formula will just lead you to solve the same problem. With this understanding you can solve other kinds of problems in your daily life or at least comprehend what is happening. Everybody should understand that knowlegde brings them power.
Tiago Castro e Silva